The Little Red Dress You NEED For The Holiday’s

This little red dress is SO PERFECT for the holidays!!! I literally can’t get over how perfect it is LOL. It’s from my new favorite brand at Target called Wild Fable. I seriously want just about everything they’ve been putting on the shelves, and I can’t pass on the super low prices for the high quality. This dress was only $18 and I love that you can style it so many different ways. I feel like it would look really cute with a white long sleeve turtle neck underneath and some white booties! You could also pair it with over the knee boots, a leather jacket, and a slick high pony. I could seriously go on for ever y’all! I guess one could say I love fashion haha. 

It is a must to get pictures at a Christmas tree farm during this time of year. So I picked Jackson up a red sweater from Target of course, and headed to Johnson Brother’s farm with some of the SoCal Blogger Babes! Those pictures will be up next with a Babe Gift Guide! Jack’s sweater is seriously SO cute and really thick. He looked like such a little man in it…totally melted my heart.

One of my all time favorite earrings brands is Sugarfix by Baublebar. They seriously have the CUTEST earrings, and again at affordable prices. I picked up this classic pair from my local Target recently, and they also have them online! My shoes are old but I found a similar pair that I honestly think are cuter than the pair I own. I love the fringe detail, SO CUTE.

If you get this dress, make sure you tag me on IG so I can see how you styled it! Thanks for stopping by! ❤

My Favorite Target Finds: Holiday Edition 2018

One of my ALL TIME FAVORITE places ever….TARGET!!!! I literally go there for just about everything and then some. I like to blame my mother for introducing me to Target runs at a young age…I stood no chance haha. It’s the first of December and Target has some of the cutest holiday decor this year, so I rounded up some of my favorites and styled a little shoot with @emilyybaranski! We seriously had a blast putting this setup together / shooting it. Stay tuned for more pictures….and trust me we took a lot LOL. 

A few extra because I literally can not go to Target or without seeing stuff I had no idea I NEDED haha. Seriously though, Target still has a ton of amazing sales going on, and if you have a red card that’s another 5% (just get it already!!!) I literally said no for so many years and for this girl that’s prob like thousands of savings I missed out on!!

If you see something in my picture that is not linked above it’s most likely from the 99cent store haha! Feel free to email me if you need a link or have any questions!

Christmas is Best with a Drink & Dessert

∇ Healthy Cinnamon Eggnog ∇





The holidays are the perfect time to break out the eggnog. But if you’re like me, and have never been a huge fan, you might be a little on the hesitant side. This slimmed-down/cinnamon version turned me into an eggnog fan. Skipping the heavy creme, using fewer yolks, and low fat milk makes this recipe somewhat more on the healthy side! 🙂


3 Large eggs

3 Large egg whites

51/2 Cups low-fat milk

1/2 Cup organic sugar

2 Tbsp cornstarch

2 Tbsp. vanilla

1/4 tsp salt

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1/2 Cup pure cane sugar

Red color dye

1/3 Cup dark Jamaican rum (optional)


STEP 1: Mix in a bowl with a whisk eggs and egg whites; set aside. In a large saucepan, with heat-safe spatula, mix 4 cups milk with sugar, cornstarch, and salt. Cook on medium-high until mixture boils and thickens a little bit, stirring constantly. Boil 1 minute and then remove saucepan from heat.

STEP 2: Gradually mix 1/2 cup simmering milk mixture into eggs; pour egg mixture back into milk in saucepan, mixing constantly, to make custard.

STEP 3: Pour custard into large bowl; stir in vanilla, nutmeg, rum, if using, and remaining 1 1/2 cups milk. Cover and refrigerate until well chilled, at least 6 hours or up to 2 days. Mix sugar and a few drops of color dye in a bowl, then transfer to plate. Get the rim of your glass wet and dip class into sugar. Sprinkle finished product with cinnamon. Makes about 7 cups.

*I got the glass I used at the dollar store and they had tons of other cute holiday glasses*


∇ Strawberry Christmas Trees ∇ 




This dessert is so so yummy and super easy to make. There are so many versions you can make by using the many options Oreo sells. We used the ‘mint’ flavored ones (warning: highly addictive) but you can pick which ever flavor you like. I wish I would have used a little darker icing but they still turned out pretty cute. This is a fun dessert to make with children as well!


Strawberries (tops cut off)


White icing

Green icing



STEP 1: Place Oreo’s on serving plate and add a layer of white icing on top (snow). Cut off tops of strawberries.

STEP 2: Ice each strawberry with green icing and then add the sprinkles. After each strawberry is iced, place it on top of the Oreo.

STEP 3: Put serving plate in fridge for at least 30 minutes, serve and enjoy! 🙂


Christmas Decor Inspiration

There are so many different ways to show your holiday spirit this season. I love having our home looking like a winter wonderland. I want to share a few simple cost friendly decorating ideas to help you gear up for the big day! (9 days away)











3 Wood blocks

White paint

Black paint

Hot glue gun

Candle sticks (got mine from the dollar store)

Wooden candle stick toppers


STEP 1: Paint all candle stick parts black (I did 2 coats). As that dries sand down the 3 wooden blocks and cut burlap to fit each block.

STEP 2: Paint each block on the burlap letters to spell out the word ‘JOY’ (I did 3 coats). Once dried, glue each block to the glass candle sticks.

STEP 3: Glue on the candle stick tops to the wooden blocks.








Large wood plank (or plank you used for ‘give thanks’ project)

White paint

Blue paint

Silver paint pen



STEP 1: Sand board to liking and paint blue. I used the other side of my ‘Give Thanks’ board I made for Thanksgiving. I mixed the blue and white paint to get the exact color I wanted it. (2 coats)

STEP 2: Use stencils to paint ‘let is snow’. Once dried, use small brush to touch up and add 2nd coat.

STEP 3: Paint on snow flakes. I used a small brush and silver paint pen to do this.


plant 2


This is seriously SO easy and will cost you less than $5! I bought everything I used at the dollar store. All you need is a glass container of your choice, ornaments of your choice, and individual fake plants. The dollar store has plenty of options for all three of these things! Just fill the glass container with ornaments and then stick in 2-3 plants of your liking.



This is another really easy craft to add to your home this season! I used a piece of scrap wood and painted it green first, then added the white ‘humps’ at the bottom (3 coats). Once they dried I added the eyes, noses, and flakes. Lastly, I painted out ‘ALL FLAKES WELCOME’ with a fine brush. This was my first time not using stencils and I’m actually happy with the outcome. You can hang this on your front door, in your home, or place it on a shelf.



Who would have thought I could find another use for wine glasses besides filling them to the rim with wine lol. I got these from the Dollar Store and they are actually pretty great quality. The candles and ornaments are from the Dollar Store as well, so this project cost me less than $5! Just fill the glasses with ornaments, flip them upside down and put a candle on top. TA-DA! 🙂

Feel free to email me if you have any questions at all and thank you for reading! Happy Holidays 🙂