4 Ways to Boost Your Nutrition

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In honor of National Nutrition Month, I am sharing 4 products that will boost your nutrition! Not only are these products good for your body, but they taste DELICIOUS!! It’s easy to forget to take care of your nutrition when life gets busy. All of these amazing products will save you time in the kitchen and are great for on-the-go!

Rollerblading is a huge part of my life! I’m always on the go. I love having my Secret Nature of Fruit-Powered Vitamin Chews handy! These newly launch vitamins are powered by Dole Packaged Foods, LLC, and are crafted with only the best ingredients.

Each chew is filled with scientifically proven vitamins, minerals, adaptogens, and NO processed sugars. They are made without gelatin and have a unique natural chewy texture compared to other traditional gummies. The Secret Natural of Fruit now has a beauty and energy line. Each blend is expertly curated to bolster a specific function to promote better health today and in the future! Each bottle is made from a recycled plastic as part of the Dole Promise. How amazing is that?!

One of the most important ways to boost your nutrition is to take care of your gut heal (aka as your core!) This is why CORE Foods created a delicious bar specifically for your CORE. There plant-based organic bars provide your gut health superior nutrition and immune support with a combination of probiotics and prebiotic fiber.

CORE Foods has two types of bars. Bars that are powered by Adaptogens and plant-based Keto + Probiotics. When you’re looking for a pick-me-up snack that will also put you in a good mood, grab your CORE Bar powered by Adaptogens. They come in 3 flavors: Hazelnut Mocha Chip, Salted Caramel Cashew (my favorite), and Dark Chocolate Walnut.

When you’re looking to crush carbs, grab the CORE Plant-Based Keto + Probiotics Bar. These tasty birthday cake bars only have 3 net carbs, zero added sugar, and are gluten free.

You can find these CORE Bars in the refrigerated section of the grocery store, or you can order them on Amazon!

When I’m craving a soft drink, I grab my low sugar Soulless Ginger Ale. These tasty non-alcohol drinks were made for grownups to socialize in a healthy way! They come in 4 different flavors and each starts with a fresh cold pressed ginger base.

My favorite flavor is the original! It has an amazing clean spicy finish. These Soulless Ginger Ale drinks are also keto friendly, and vegan. Make sure you pack these in the cooler for your next beach trip!

When I’m in need of a quick lunch or dinner I will make this Cauliflower Rice from Nature’s Intent. It microwaves in 60 seconds and only has 2 net carbs. This is a GREAT rice substitute!!

Which one of these products would you try first?! Let me know in the comments!

Quick and Easy Lunch with Minute Rice

As y’all know, I live in a van full time! That means I’m always in the need of quick meals that not only taste good, but are made good. I got so excited when I heard Minute Rice released two new delicious flavors of their Minute Rice Cups, Jasmine Rice & Red Quinoa and Jalapeño Rice Cups. These BPA free microwavable cups are ready in just 60 seconds. Never worry about overeating because they are single portion servings!

Minute Rice Cups are non-GMO, have zero preservatives, are MSG and cholesterol free, and Gluten Free. Everyone can enjoy one of these tasty cups. The cup is also 100% recyclable! I like to make rice bowls with these cups by adding a few of my favorite ingredients. First things first, microwave your cup for 60 seconds and don’t forget to remove the film!

For this rice bowl I’m using the Jalapeño Rice Cup. I love the added onions, green peppers, and Jalapeños. It’s the perfect amount of seasoning, saving me even more time to enjoy my meal.

Next I am adding rotisserie chicken, black beans, and a fresh avocado. Wait for your cup to cool down and then pour your rice into a bowl.

Once I have added all of my ingredients, I mix them throughly with the rice. You can make this rice bowl anytime of the day and change up the ingredients every week! These are now a staple in our van kitchen.

I love that with Minute Rice you can make a delicious and easy meal at any time. This means less time in the kitchen, and more time enjoying my meals by the beach.

R I C E B O W L R E C I P E:

• one Minute Jalapeño Rice Cup

• 1/2 a cup of rotisserie chicken

• 1/2 a cup of black beans

• 1 avocado (I love avocado so I put the whole thing but you can also just do 1/2)

How To Celebrate Your 30th Birthday in San Diego – The Westin Gaslamp Quarter

I’m Officially 30!!

Another year around the sun and I am so grateful! It feels so surreal to enter a new decade of my life. I have a feeling my 30s are going to be AMAZING, so I wanted to do something ultra special. I’ve been in California for 5 years, and I still haven’t spent the weekend in San Diego. So I decided on the Westin Gaslamp Quarter. It is in the PERFECT location to all of the hot spots in downtown San Diego. We walked or rode bikes everywhere we went.

The Westin Gaslamp Quarter offers a Destination Amenity Fee for only $25 a day. This pass grants you access to enriching local experiences:

  • Hotel Bike Rental for 2
  • Paddleboard or Kayak Rental on The Bay
  • 1 Hour Flagship Cruises for 2
  • Your Choice of 2 glasses of Craft Beer or Wine
  • Premium In-room Internet access
  • Special Discounts for Attractions and Dining

This pass is truly a game changer, and makes your stay that much more special! Which is what we all want to feel on our birthday, right?!

The Westin Gaslamp Quarter Makes You Feel So Special on Your Birthday

I am not exaggerating when I say that the Westin Gaslamp Quarter makes you feel like a QUEEN on your birthday. The hotel staff is telling you happy birthday all weekend. Whether you are in the lobby grabbing a drink, renting bikes, or just calling down to the lobby from your room, they are immediately wishing you a happy birthday! I have never felt so special on my birthday!

I had my birthday dinner at the Bronze Bird, a delicious aesthetically pleasing restaurant in the hotel lobby! There is an outdoor patio with a fire pit, and indoor dining. If you are a craft connoisseur, this is your place! The cocktails were phenomenal. To eat I got the Spiced Cauliflower Bowl and Roasted Jidori Chicken, both were mouthwatering! My favorite was definitely the Spiced Cauliflower Bowl.

Girl time at the Westin Gaslamp Quarter is essential for your birthday!

Sunny Skies & San Diego Vibes

I definitely have a new favorite roof top pool! From the downtown views, to the aesthetically pleasing corners, and the double outdoor shower, the Westin Gaslamp Quarter has it all! The entire roof top area has such a classy vibe, and the decor is on point! The San Diego sunshine really does hit differently. We had the best pool day ever!

I love a hotel that has a full length mirror!

My friends and I did not stop smiling the entire weekend and will definitely be planning a trip back! The hotel staff was extremely accommodating and helpful, the beds feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud, and the cleanest glass door shower with the best shower head. On top of that, the Westin Gaslamp Quarter has the most amazing gym I’ve ever seen in a hotel! They even offer Peloton’s and massage guns. Something I’ve never seen in a hotel gym before. On the garden terrace, there is giant connect four, giant yard pong, and corn hole!

Stepping Into Spring with AKK Shoe Shop

I am so excited to be stepping into spring in these classic comfy sneakers from AKK Shoe Company. These are the most stylish and comfortable shoes I have worn!

These classic black sneakers look so good with everything! I love how breathable and light weight they are. I truly notice a difference when walking/running in these versus another pair of sneakers!

These white ones are such a staple and look good with everything! I love the simple design and how comfy they are. I can run miles in these and not feel a thing! It’s like I have clouds on my feet.

All of the styles AKK has are also so stylish! They even have styles for men and kids. You can match with the whole family!