Jackson’s Nursery















Dress: Shein / Similar

Gray Elephant Sign: Pottery Barn

Changing Table: Amazon

Laundry Basket: Home Depot

Jackson Elephant Sign: Elisa Anne Calligraphy

White Stool: Hobby Lobby

White Rug: Hobby Lobby

White Giraffe Head Mount: Sold out/ Similar

Sun Mirrors: Better Homes

Giraffe Lamp: Amazon

Wooden Elephant Figure: Hobby Lobby

Baby Monitor: Evoz

Changing Pad Cover: Amazon

I am so excited to finally share Jack’s nursery with y’all! It’s not 100% finished yet, but I couldn’t wait any longer! We waited until the last minute to hang the curtain rod and curtains and it turned out that I bought the wrong size! We decided to go ahead and take the pictures anyway just in case he came early.

One of my favorite things in the nursery is the wooden Jackson elephant sign! It’s from an etsy shop called Elisa Anne Calligraphy and she is amazing! I was so impressed with how this piece turned out. She also has many more amazing pieces of work on her site that you should definitely check out!

The white framed “be brave little one” and “best kid ever” are free prints that I found on Pinterest! I just printed them and picked up some white frames from Walmart! Super cheap and easy!

I’m in love with the Evoz monitor! It seriously does EVERYTHING!! My favorite thing about it is that it connects to your phone instead of having a separate little monitor. I’ve used monitors like that before and they often get lost or dropped and cracked! I always have my phone on me, which makes checking in on my baby much easier! I love that you can control everything from your phone, from the night light to the lullabies/music, and it even has audiobooks! The camera also tracks the temperature in the room, and will send an alert to your phone if it goes out of range. I highly recommend this camera! I linked their website above.

I went to the doctor yesterday and everything looks great! It doesn’t look like Jackson will be making an appearance until closer to his due date (September 24th) but you never know. I will be scheduled next week to be induced October 1st. Hopefully he comes on his own before then! We are so ready to meet our little guy! ❤

Thanks for stopping by!

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