3 Reasons To Stay At Hotel Icon | Downtown Houston

1. The Insanely Beautiful Lobby

Hotel Icon was originally constructed to house one of Texas’s most prominent financial institutions at the time, the Union National Bank. The building was erected in 1911 by renowned architectural firm, Mauran, Russell & Crowell. At 12 stories, it was one of the nation’s first concrete and steel skyscrapers. The original bank vault is still behind the front desk! See pictures below! 

How cool is that?! I love staying somewhere that has history behind it and the fact that you get to see it in person right when you check in is awesome! The hotel also has a giant book of old pictures you can look through when you first walk in as well! If you love history, this hotel is for you!! I also love the fact that the building has these gorgeous classic Corinthian columns that span the exterior, along with decorative keystones and thirty-foot Doric columns that line the interior of the lobby. 

Both of my outfits are from Blush Elegance, one of my all time favorite online shops! I personally know the owner and she has a heart of GOLD!!! Use code STYLINGSUNSHINE for 20% off your entire purchase!

2. The Magnificent Suites

Hotel Icon thought of EVERYTHING when it comes to accommodating their guests! Each room will grant guests a lavishing experience, an invitation to relax in the arms of attentive, exceptional hospitality! I was truly blown away from the second I arrived. The staff was extremely helpful and, of course, had that southern charm that I’ve missed so much since moving to SoCal! When I first saw my room I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was. I adore all of the arches, crown molding, colors, and decor! Hotel Icon provides two robes that feel like heaven that I basically lived in my entire stay!

The room service staff was impeccable! I love enjoying a delicious breakfast in my suite with an incredible view of downtown Houston – the city I was born and raised in!!! This was actually my first time to stay downtown (I grew up in a suburb area called Cypress) and I truly had the best time exploring and learning more about my city. I would have to say my favorite part of the room is the bathroom with the sliding window! Hands down one of the most radiant bathrooms I have ever seen. The beautiful white-jetted tub surrounded by marble and yellow tiling with a separate glass encased shower is truly magnificent! I felt like A QUEEN in this bathroom, y’all!!!!


How luxurious is this Hotel Icon bathroom?! I can’t get over the ADORABLE bathtub!!! Most hotels I have stayed at have bare minimum bathrooms with terrible lighting, so I was blow away when I saw the bathroom had a double doors! I knew it was going to be GOOD. The rain shower is SO spacious and has the perfect pressure. I really love how much bathroom counter space their is too and the fact that it’s marble! This blogger always as too much stuff to layout when it comes to getting ready. Overall – BATHROOM GOALS!

3. Easy Access To Houston’s Best Local Attractions

I am not exaggerating when I say the BEST of downtown Houston is at your fingertips when you stay at Hotel Icon!!!! Being born in raised in the suburbs of Houston doesn’t mean I never came downtown. All of the go-to bars, restaurants, and attractions that my friends and I all drove 45+ mins to see are all literally a block from the hotel. I honestly had no idea and I was seriously so surprised!!!! Ubers can seriously add up when traveling and staying at a hotel that is in the middle of it all makes it possible to enjoy yourself that much more!

“This biracial Southern city dominated by white men throughout all of its history has become, by many measures, the single most ethically diverse major metropolitan area in the country. Who knew Houston would turn out to be at the forefront of what’s happening across all of America?” – LA TIMES

Houston is by far one of the most welcoming, friendly, diverse cities I have ever been to. TRULY one of its kind that you have to experience in person! And when you do, check out these places that are 2 blocks or less from Hotel Icon!

  • Boomtown Coffee / 300 Main St – This cafe is so tasty & cute. It’s directly across the street from Hotel Icon!
  • Dean’s Downtown / 316 Main St – Hands down the coolest furniture. A more chill party zone.
  • Bovine & Barley / 416 Main St – This is the bar with the infamous HTX giant letters!
  • The Commoner / 410 Main St – If you’re looking to PARTY.
  • Boots ‘n Shoots / 506 Main St – My friends and I LOVE this place. It gets super packed, so if you don’t like big crowds do not come here lol.
  • Batanga / 908 Congress St – This place has the coolest patio covered with hanging colorful umbrellas!! It is directly across from Hotel Icon.
  • The Moonshiners Southern Table / 1000 Prairie St – If you’re looking for more of a bar restaurant this is your place. Great food and great drinks. The infamous “Southern Hospitality” sign is here as well.
  • La Calle / 909 Franklin St – The best tacos!!!! The margaritas are amazing too and STONG. Head there during happy hour for the best deals!
  • Market Square Park / 301 Milam St – One of the most gorgeous parks ever, and in the heart of downtown Houston. A true gem. See pictures below.

Special Thanks To The Photographers, Katie, Blush Elegance, and Hotel Icon.

Stay tuned for my VLOG that will be out soon!

Feels Like Sunshine

This skirt from Chicwish totally feels like you’re wearing actual sunshine!!! I can not tell y’all how many compliments I got while wearing it! Hint, SO MANY!!!! Haha. Everyone wanted to know where it was from and how much it costs. Right now it is on sale for less than $50 and perfect for your summer vacation!! If you want the skirt to fit more high waisted, I would size up. What plans do you have for the summer?!

Hornblower Cruises

Brunch On A Boat? YES PLEASE!

I had the best time with the SoCal Blogger Babes on Hornblowers Cruises KJAZZ Champagne Brunch Cruise in Newport Beach! The weather was absolutely perfect and the food was to die for!!! My absolute favorite part was the free flowing champagne. The staff was walking around refilling our glasses before we even had a chance to realize they were empty! The jazz music was the perfect touch to a perfect day.

The tickets are $75 a person and it includes a 2 hour yacht ride, a unlimited brunch buffet, and unlimited champagne. I say that is a GREAT deal and would make as an amazing gift for a special occasion like birthdays, anniversaries, bridal parties, Father’s Day, etc. Click here to check out all the different locations they have along the west coast and east coast!

Shop my Dress

So as I am writing this post I totally realized I wore my dress totally wrong, HAHAH!!!!!! You are supposed to tie the ribbon around the front of the dress into a bow, like so. I personally think it looked cuter the right way but you can totally wear it like I did too! Use code 1SUNSH15 to receive 15% off your entire purchase!

Mother’s Day 2019 | 3 Reasons I Love Being A Mom

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful moms out there!! There’s no strength or love in this world like a mother’s love. I truly can’t believe this is my THIRD Mother’s Day with Jackson!! He is the absolute best thing that has ever happened to me and my love for him grows like a weed everyday. Being a mother reveals strengths within yourself you never knew you had, forces you to grow in ways you never thought you would, and brings happiness to your heart that you never knew existed. Seeing the world through your own child’s eye is true gift that I will never take for granted!! Since today is Mother’s day I thought I would share 3 reasons I love being mom! PS. My dress is from SheIn and is less than $20!

  1. Constantly being reminded of the little things – Children live their life’s differently than us old people. They still see the joy in the little things, ALL the little things. One of my favorite things that happens on a daily basis: I’m in a bad mood about something super silly. My energy, vibes, and facial expressions aren’t at their best. I see Jackson get overly excited about something super minimal (our dogs going potty outside, an airplane in the sky, the moon at night etc.) and I immediately realize how beautiful life is and how utterly silly it is to waste another moment in a bad mood. LOVE THAT.
  2. The Love – I did not grow up in a house with two parents or a house filled with a ton of love and affection. I’ve actually never seen my mom live with a male nor did I live with a male until I moved in with Tyler. So to be constantly surround by the love, kisses, hugs, and words of affirmation from Jackson is truly the best thing in this universe. I truly believe love is the answer to everything, it makes everything better, and it brings out the best in people. The fact that I get to wake up everyday with the chance to give and receive love from my tiny human….I truly can’t describe the feeling.
  3. The Fun – I grew up basically as an only child and started staying home by myself in 5th grade. To say that it got lonely would be an understatement. I feel like I always had a little more energy than other kids my age and I always kinda thought it was because I was alone so much. I love getting goofy, silly, and weird with Jackson!! We have the best time playing around!! I also still love watching Disney movies and cartoons so it all really works out.

“As moms, we are in it together – raising the future. We are a tribe of future makers. So let’s support each other.” – Marissa Hermer

How ADORABLE is this picnic setup by @holadarlinsoiree?! Haley put together a fun afternoon for my mom friend Ella and our little ones! Haley is the owner of Hola Darlin’ and her passion for event planning shines through her energy and every little thought out detail in her setups. Her goal is to create the perfect soirees for small everyday occasions and she does it WONDERFULLY!! Ella and I had the absolute best time and enjoyed the tastiest snacks. These pictures will truly last a life time!! If you’re in Orange County looking for an event planner, Haley is your girl!!

Can’t Pinch This

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, y’all!! I may not be Irish but I’ve always loved celebrating this holiday! I may have celebrated a lot harder back in college than I do now, but we still make the most of the day. This year I threw together this cute tie front top from Forever 21 with this sequin skirt to spice it up a little bit. I added this white blazer to dress it up a tad and I honestly can’t decide if I I like the outfit better with or without it!

My necklace and earrings are from Bexo, which is a locally owned jewelry company that I have become OBSESSED with! The necklace I’m wearing seriously takes any outfit from drab to FAB!!! I personally know the owners of this company, and they are seriously COUPLE GOALS!! If you’re looking for that special gift for someone or to treat yourself, consider shopping small!!

Well today’s post is short and sweet!! I did take a cute St. Patrick’s Day picture I wanted to share with y’all. It’s a replica of a picture I took a coupe of years ago. Let’s just say it was WAY more difficult to take this picture now, versus when Jackson couldn’t move. LOL.

Quick Update

Hey Y’all!! Goodness, it has been a HOT MINUTE since I’ve wrote a blog post about my personal life!! When I first started this journey almost every single post had a little life update and I really miss doing those!! I just spent some time reading through old posts and each one seriously had me grinning from ear to ear. It’s crazy how much we forget the little things!!! A few of my favorites are Jack’s birth story, Colorado Road Trip, Roger’s Gardens, and Austin Texas I Love You. So, I’m making it a resolution to write / vlog more this year!

I’m sure many of you follow me on Instagram, I’m sure you’ve seen my stories, where I share life updates, story telling, and announcements on the daily!! Including landing my first investor for the company I started 1 year ago called, Blogger Babes Productions. I won’t get too much into that right now, but let’s just say it has been whirlwind ever since – IN A GREAT WAY!!! The fact that I get to chase my dreams everyday while building a business with good morals and ethics, is seriously the best thing that has ever happened to me (BESIDES JACKSON OF COURSE.) LOL.

I truly started Blogger Babes because I wanted to make the blogging industry less nasty, less competitive, and MORE authentic and genuine. There are more than enough brands, shoot locations, and presets to go around!!! The girl world can be robustly NASTY and COMPETITIVE. Trust me I’ve seen it first hand since I was a young girl, which is probably why I have always had more guy friends haha. I truly don’t understand why we can’t all get along, be honest about our feelings, support each other, and have some fun while doing so! One of my favorite quotes is “HER success is not YOUR failure.” My first 2 years of blogging the opposite of this seemed to be the general stigma that bloggers had toward each other. That HER success is YOUR failure. That other bloggers would be “jealous” of the collaborations other bloggers were receiving. It seemed like no one wanted to share tips, insights, or anything they learned themselves from blogging. ESPECIALLY when it came to a new blogger just starting out looking for guidance from an experienced blogger.

We all start at the beginning. I find it absolutely insane to not share tips and tricks with other bloggers, to not want to hangout with another blogger because her following isn’t as high as yours, OR to just straight up think your better than someone else because of your following. I believe bloggers should surround themselves with people who add value to their life, who challenge them to be greater than they were yesterday, and who sprinkle a little magic into their existence. Life isn’t meant to be done alone, and neither is blogging. Find your tribe and journey freely and LOYALLY together.

Another favorite quote of mine:
When a bird is alive it eats ants. When the bird is dead, ants eat the bird. Time and circumstances can change at any time. Don’t devalue or hurt anyone in life. You may be powerful today, but remember time is more powerful than you. One tree makes a million matches, only 1 match needed to burn a million trees. SO BE GOOD AND DO GOOD ALWAYS.

I kinda went on a tangent there haha. ANYWAY, Jackson is doing amazing!!! He is growing into the most astonishing human being. His whit, goofiness, insane amount of energy, and pure heart keeps me on my toes. Jack is seriously SO SMART!!! He is saying full sentences, remembering things that happened the day before, and can even count to five. Spending time and bonding with him is my all time favorite thing to do!! I’ve been struggling with the amount of time I have to spend away from him to build Blogger Babes, and keep my blog up and running. Starting a business is seriously no joke. And If I’m being honest, which I always am, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I majored in Kinesiology Athletic Medicine at the University of Texas in San Antonio, and took maybe 1 business class during my freshman year. I definitely know less about business than the average business owner, but I’m reading and educating myself everyday! Everything I’m doing right now is so I can have control of my own life and schedule, and to be able to spend more time with my Jack!! I have never been more driven to do anything in my entire life!!!!

This post got way longer than I expected haha! I have more to share and I want to fill y’all in on Newchella, but I will save that for the next post!! Thanks for stopping by and happy new year! 🙂

The Little Red Dress You NEED For The Holiday’s

This little red dress is SO PERFECT for the holidays!!! I literally can’t get over how perfect it is LOL. It’s from my new favorite brand at Target called Wild Fable. I seriously want just about everything they’ve been putting on the shelves, and I can’t pass on the super low prices for the high quality. This dress was only $18 and I love that you can style it so many different ways. I feel like it would look really cute with a white long sleeve turtle neck underneath and some white booties! You could also pair it with over the knee boots, a leather jacket, and a slick high pony. I could seriously go on for ever y’all! I guess one could say I love fashion haha. 

It is a must to get pictures at a Christmas tree farm during this time of year. So I picked Jackson up a red sweater from Target of course, and headed to Johnson Brother’s farm with some of the SoCal Blogger Babes! Those pictures will be up next with a Babe Gift Guide! Jack’s sweater is seriously SO cute and really thick. He looked like such a little man in it…totally melted my heart.

One of my all time favorite earrings brands is Sugarfix by Baublebar. They seriously have the CUTEST earrings, and again at affordable prices. I picked up this classic pair from my local Target recently, and they also have them online! My shoes are old but I found a similar pair that I honestly think are cuter than the pair I own. I love the fringe detail, SO CUTE.

If you get this dress, make sure you tag me on IG so I can see how you styled it! Thanks for stopping by! ❤