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ELEPHANT JACKSON SIGN: ElisaAnne Calligraphy

JACK’S SWADDLE: Embé Swaddle

My brother and his family got Jack this outfit for Christmas and I’m in love! The hat is definitely my favorite part. They got it in-store at H&M, but I don’t see it online. I can’t believe Jackson is no longer considered a newborn! Time flew by so quickly. Things were definitely pretty rough the first months! I thought I would share with y’all some of my MUST haves for those first couple of months. 🙂

Rock ‘n Play Sleeper

This is at the top of the list for a reason! Jackson did not like sleeping flat on his back from day one. I did some research online and a ton of other moms said these were magic and that it got their baby to sleep through the night. I got the exact one that a family I nannied for used, and Jackson sleeps so well in it and loves the vibration. It is super easy to fold up and transport! It was perfect for our road trip to Texas.

Gerber Onesies

These are perfect pajamas for the first 3 months! The material is just the right thickness for swaddling your baby. I love that they have the mitten cuffs because Jack moves his hands so much! Other mittens would always fall off. I would suggest getting the 0-3 months so they last you a while. The material is pretty stretchy and fit Jack from when he was born until now!

Embé Swaddle

This was definitely a must for Jackson. Since he was born, he was kicking his way out of a regular swaddle with a blanket. On the first night, the nurse told me she had to double swaddle him because he kept kicking out of the blanket. He has been SO strong from day one!! This swaddle is perfect for keeping Jack’s limbs from kicking out. It’s super comfy and really easy to put on! I love that you have the option to keep his legs out.

Gripe Water

Jackson has some gas and it used to affect him pretty badly throughout the day and night. He also got the hiccups quite often. I did some research and talked to other momma bloggers and 95% suggested gripe water. It completely turned things around for Jack. He started sleeping through the night, had less issues when passing gas, and barely got the hiccups! It also helps for when he is fussy! I saw a lot of good reviews on the brand that I linked above. We have tried both the regular and night time gripe water and the night time seems to work better for Jack.

Sound Maker

Last, but not least, you need a sound maker!! Start turning this on every time you put your baby to sleep/nap. They adjust to the white noise and it pretty much drowns out any other sounds! This is a must if you have any loud neighbors, kids, dogs, etc.! This one also has a projector with interchangeable discs. Jack loves looking up at it at night!


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