Roller Coaster Ridge













Milestone Cards: Milestone Activity Cards

Pants: T.J.Maxx

Tank: T.J.Maxx

Sports Bra: Target *on sale

Jack’s Socks: Me in Mind


We finally took Jackson on his first real hike! I say finally because before Jack we were HUGE hikers! Ever since we moved to California, our hiking has come to a halt. This is partly because we were both working a ton of hours when we first moved here and then once I had Jackson things got super crazy haha! Then, Cali got the most rain it has seen in like 9 years during the last month or so. Let’s just say that it was nice to finally get out! The girls (our dogs) were having the time of their lives.

We decided to check out Roller Coaster Ridge out in San Clemente and it was seriously so beautiful! The trails are SO green and you can see the most amazing views pretty much your entire hike. I will admit that this place is a bit of a work out! They don’t call it the Roller Coaster Ridge for nothing haha. Some of the hills are crazy steep! We saw a dad with his little boy and double stroller trucking it up a really steep hill. I was seriously impressed! I was dying by the time we made it to the top, but it was totally worth it for the view, as well as for the picture with Jack’s milestone card!

How cute are these cards?! They come in a little pack with a ton of different “first” activities. We all know of the regular first milestone cards that come with “first smile”, “first time sleeping through the night”, etc.! These are so different and fun and help push  you to do new activities with your family!

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