Jackson’s Birth Story









Jackson Haines Mackenzie


I am finally sharing Jackson’s birth story with y’all! yay! First, I want to start with how we got to California. We decided almost 2 years before the actual move date that we were going to move to California. My brother was the GM at NetWorth Realty in San Antonio where Tyler worked as well. I was living in Austin with my old high school friend and nannying while I was getting my real estate license. When my brother first told me that he was opening up a new office in California, I was actually a little pissed lol. Due to the fact that I felt like this had already happened once before, though not as far!

When I still lived in Houston (where we are all from) my brother lived a mile a way from my mom and I, which I loved, because that I meant I got to see my nieces all the time! When he told me they were moving to San Antonio to open NetWorth Realty, I was pretty pissed. I ended up going to college in San Antonio, which is where I met Tyler, AKA the love of my life, so it all worked out! So when I got the chance to really think about my brother and his family moving to Cali, I thought about how I’ve never lived anywhere but in Texas and that Tyler and I were so young and still had so much to see that this would be the perfect opportunity for us! I called him up right away and asked him if he would be down to move to Cali and work for my brother doing what he was already doing in San Antonio, but at a market with more opportunities! He said yes and I ended up getting a job at the NetWorth Realty in Austin because I also planned to work for the new office as well and wanted to get some experience in.

This was by far one of the craziest plans I have ever made in my life, but it felt so right! I had the love of my life and our two dogs and California seemed like the perfect adventure to take on with them. We found out we were pregnant 7 months before we were supposed to move and that definitely made things a bit more crazy. We were already trying so hard to save up for our big move/life change and Tyler had just graduated college a month ago and started working. So of course we were a little freaked out at first, but we then realized that this was something we had already hoped for in the future and that it was here just a tad bit early lol. Tyler and I haven’t spent a full weekend apart since we have been together. We really have that crazy head over heals soulmate kinda love and I have known that I wanted to have his child one day pretty much since the beginning! So we decided that moving was still our best interest but not until after we had the baby.

We were both born and raised in Texas and just couldn’t imagine having our baby in California away from all of our family. We talked for many weeks about the move and the work opportunities that Tyler would miss if we moved months after the new office opened. We also talked about how much more difficult the move with be with a newborn as opposed to still having him in my belly at 7 months. So, we decided it was best to move when we originally planned to. We were definitely scared out of our minds, but we knew it was the right choice! It was a little difficult finding a place to rent that would accept dogs. We really wanted to rent a home and tried for over a month by sending applications and getting our hopes up to only get denied because of our dogs! It got so stressful for me because of all of my pregnancy hormones that Tyler had to take over completely lol. He ended up finding a great place in Costa Mesa that we love! The location is perfect and it is also close to where my brother and his family lives!

When the time came to pack and move out, we were not prepared at all! I had been miserably sick the past 5 months from baby Jack and Tyler was super busy with work 24/7. We did not plan out enough time to organize and pack all of our stuff, in addition to everything we had for the baby. Both of our parents came to help and we still weren’t ready to hit the road when we needed to be. When we finally came to the conclusion that we needed one extra day to hit the road for a 22 hour trip, it was too late. We called our new apartment and asked if we could come a day later and it was not an option. Tyler was pulling a Uhaul behind his truck and I was going to follow behind in my car.

The plan was to split the trip in half and stop at a hotel for sleep. I knew I could only drive that long at 7 months pregnant if we did it completely during the day, as I get really sleepy in the car at night! We already booked our hotel in Tucson, Arizona, which was about halfway to Cali. Well, since everything was out of whack, we ended up pulling out of our old apartment at 4:00pm lol. This meant driving throughout the entire night! I was not the happiest about this and seriously had the HARDEST time staying awake. We pretty much talked on the phone the entire trip to help keep me awake.

Subway was our choice for dinner that night and, lucky for me, I got food poisoning! It happened in the middle of the night while we were driving. I had to throw up in a tiny cup that I found in my car with my dog in my lap, while honking and flashing my lights Tyler trying to get him to pull over. But, since he was pulling the Uhaul, he didn’t see me for what felt like forever! I seriously felt so sick; it was awful. I some how pulled myself together to make it to our hotel, where we could only allow ourselves to sleep 5 hours before having to get back on the road. At this point, we believed that the time hadn’t changed on our phones yet and that we still had two hours to gain by passing the time zones. Shortly after hitting the road, we realized that our phones had already changed and that we were two hours behind! This meant we were not going to get to our new home in time to pick up the keys and pay the deposit. Luckily, my brother and his family were already in Cali and were able to do it for us! We got in at about 9pm and boy were we happy haha! It was the most difficult move ever, but totally worth it!

I had to find a new doctor the day after we arrived because I was due for a check up and ended up choosing Dr. Mahller based on Yelp reviews and absolutely loved him! He delivered at HOAG in Newport Beach, which I had only heard great things about. Jackson’s due date was September 24th, but he did not want to come out! I was going to the doctor twice a week getting checked to see if I was dilated and nothing was budging. The doctor told me we would wait a week for the baby to come on his own before inducing me. I went to the doctor twice that last week getting all kinds of tests done to make sure the baby was healthy and happy in there, which he was, so they scheduled my induction for Saturday October 1st at 12:00am, but told me to call the hospital at 10:00pm to make sure they had a bed. I called to find that they did not have any openings and that they would get back to me if anything opened up. We ended up getting the call at 3:00am and shot up like lightning! I thought for sure nothing was going to open since HOAG is the most popular birthing hospital in Orange County. I was so nervous and feeling so anxious. The time was FINALLY here! After waiting for an entire week after his due date, it kinda felt unreal.

I was absolutely terrified to give birth! I had anxiety about the whole nine months. I feel like I have the lowest pain tolerance ever, so I knew I was going to be a huge baby haha. After we got the call to go to the hospital, my mom, Tyler, and I packed up as quickly as we could. My mom flew to Cali two weeks early because I was so convinced that I was going to have him early! We got massages, shopped, and did lots of eating while we waited for his arrival. Once we got to the hospital and checked into our room, we saw that we got the best room in the hospital (in our minds haha.) We had the most beautiful view of the bay and ocean and got to see the sun rise.

My sister-in-law met us there and stayed until he was born. When the nurse first checked me, I still wasn’t dilated at all! I was actually having contractions that I was totally unaware of! I thought they were kicks haha. My nurse, whom I LOVED, started the first step out of three in order to get me dilated. She gave me a small pill that dissolved under my tongue and said that she would be back to check on me in a couple of hours! It seriously felt like forever haha. When the pill didn’t work, she moved on to step two, which I had never heard of before. They had to inflate a balloon in my cervix to get it dilated. It was probably the most painful part of the entire experience! Once they got the balloon in, we had to do some more waiting to see if I was dilated at all. Altogether, it took 18 hours to get my body to the point to where I needed to push! Jackson did not want to come out haha!

Our parents went back and forth to our home to check on our dogs! Luckily, we live super close to the hospital. I guess Layla was getting impatient because she chewed a huge hole in our screen door!! She’s usually really good when we leave her out in our mini backyard.
Once it was time to push, it happened super quick! My nurse said I was a good pusher haha. Tyler stood by my side the entire time and had a front row view. It was the most amazing experience watching my son enter the world through Tyler’s eyes! He kept saying “oh my god!” over and over again haha! Once Jackson was out, the doctor handed him to me and, of course, I was balling. It was seriously the most magical moment! I wish that I could experience it all over again. Jackson was so beautiful and, surprisingly, smelt so good! Tyler and I could not stop smelling him haha. He was born October 1, 2016 and weighed 7 pounds 15 ounces at 10:44pm! That night was a complete blur because we were so tired from being up the last 18 hours.
The next morning I got a frantic phone call from my mom who was staying at our apartment to watch the dogs! She said that there was a huge explosion and that the apartment complex was on fire. In a state of delusion, I thought she meant our actual unit was on fire so I started freaking out! She told me that a car exploded in the covered parking next to where Tyler’s truck was parked. With all of the hormones running through my body, I basically had a panic attack! Tyler had to leave the hospital to go and move his truck. Luckily everything and everyone was okay! It was definitely the craziest way I’ve ever been woken up.

Our second day was great! Family came and visited us and brought flowers and balloons. The hospital gave us a celebratory dinner that we got to pick! It even came with sparkling cider for us to cheers to our new baby. All of the meals were actually really good haha. HOAG was phenomenal!! Best birthing experience ever. If you’re in Southern California I highly recommend having your baby there.

Wow, that was a long post! If you’re still reading thanks for stopping by! ❤

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