Christmas in Huntington









SWEATER: Forever21

JEANS: Sold out / Similar

BOOTIES: Sold out (Dottie Couture) / Similar


JACK’S OUTFIT: Olive The Things

Happy Monday! How cute is Old World?! Last weekend we discovered this awesome place in Huntington Beach. It has shopping, dining, and entertainment. It literally feels like a tiny little town. It’s so cute! The website that I discovered Old World on said that there was a Christmas Festival the day we went, however, there was no festival to be found when we arrived haha. We were so confused! We still had fun walking around and looking at all of the Christmas decorations. Of course Jack decided he wanted to mean mug for every pic lol. He literally smiles 24/7 so it’s funny when we can’t get him to smile when we want him to!

My sweater is less than $20 and it’s is super cozy. I forgot to get pictures of the back, but it has a really fun cutout! It also comes in a mustard color that I also love! Jack’s outfit is one of my favorites!! I love how grown up he looks in a hoody. It is from an Etsy shop called Olive The Things and I’m officially obsessed! The quality of the material is amazing and I love all of the unique designs. I love supporting small businesses! I linked the shop above, so be sure to check it out!

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