Burp Necessity



BURPSHAWLBurp Necessity

SWEATER: Sold Out (H&M) / Similar


SHOES: Sold Out (Dottie Couture) / Similar

Newborns can be a serious challenge sometimes! Especially when it is impossible to predict when they are going to spit up. Jackson seems to always pick the few moments that I’m not prepared or when my normal burp rag falls off my shoulder. My Burpshawl is a serious life saver (and time save.) Less spit up on my clothes equals less laundry, which equals more time! Woo! The Burpshawl stays in place SO much better than a normal burp rag and is actually stylish. It also functions as a nursing cover; score! I love that I can wear it out in public as part of my outfit so I don’t constantly have to take it in out and of the diaper bag every time I think Jackson is about to spit up. Make sure you check out their website linked above, as they have a ton of other prints! A close up and link to Jackson’s outfit below!


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