Quick and Easy Lunch with Minute Rice

As y’all know, I live in a van full time! That means I’m always in the need of quick meals that not only taste good, but are made good. I got so excited when I heard Minute Rice released two new delicious flavors of their Minute Rice Cups, Jasmine Rice & Red Quinoa and Jalapeño Rice Cups. These BPA free microwavable cups are ready in just 60 seconds. Never worry about overeating because they are single portion servings!

Minute Rice Cups are non-GMO, have zero preservatives, are MSG and cholesterol free, and Gluten Free. Everyone can enjoy one of these tasty cups. The cup is also 100% recyclable! I like to make rice bowls with these cups by adding a few of my favorite ingredients. First things first, microwave your cup for 60 seconds and don’t forget to remove the film!

For this rice bowl I’m using the Jalapeño Rice Cup. I love the added onions, green peppers, and Jalapeños. It’s the perfect amount of seasoning, saving me even more time to enjoy my meal.

Next I am adding rotisserie chicken, black beans, and a fresh avocado. Wait for your cup to cool down and then pour your rice into a bowl.

Once I have added all of my ingredients, I mix them throughly with the rice. You can make this rice bowl anytime of the day and change up the ingredients every week! These are now a staple in our van kitchen.

I love that with Minute Rice you can make a delicious and easy meal at any time. This means less time in the kitchen, and more time enjoying my meals by the beach.

R I C E B O W L R E C I P E:

• one Minute Jalapeño Rice Cup

• 1/2 a cup of rotisserie chicken

• 1/2 a cup of black beans

• 1 avocado (I love avocado so I put the whole thing but you can also just do 1/2)


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