The Perfect Olive Vest











VEST: Sold out / Similar

TOP:  Sold out / Similar

PANTS: Forever 21

SHOES: Sold outSimilar

NECKLACE: Kendra Scott

I am really loving anything Olive colored for the fall. This vest is seriously SO soft and really durable. It was one of those online purchases that I opened up and thought, “WOW this is great quality and worth every penny.” When buying clothes online, it can be hard to tell the quality (especially if it is a store you have never shopped at before), but let me just say that EVERYTHING I have order from Dottie Couture Boutique has been above and beyond my expectations. 

This vest is currently sold out, but they do ‘re-stocks’ on popular items if they can. I’ll be sure to let y’all know when the vest is back in stock! The top is also from Dottie Couture, but it has sold out as well. It is one of the softest shirts I have ever owned! I even added the picture Tyler snapped of me mid-shot running up to him to make him feel how soft it was. 

The top from the link I posted is also from Dottie, and is pretty much the same color, but is loose fitted at the bottom. The black jeans are from Forever 21 and are less than $8; literally a steal! I got the booties last year from Dottie so they aren’t for sale anymore, but I linked a similar pair that they are currently selling. 

Be sure to check back tomorrow morning for another Halloween themed post! Thanks for reading 🙂 

Halloween Planks















Yellow paint

Black paint

Green paint

White paint

Orange paint

Sand Paper

Glitter spray

Medium paint brush

Small paint brush

4 planks of wood

These really add a little something to your front porch and are easy to make. I went to Home Depot and found the cheapest wood that was thinner than an inch and had it cut up into three 1 ft long boards and one 10 inch board (most home improvement stores provide wood cutting services free of charge). The cut ends were a bit splintered by the saw, so I picked up some sand paper as well. First, I sanded all of the planks down to my liking, and then painted a white, green, orange, and black coat for each plank with the medium paint brush. I did three coats each (make sure they dry between each coat). I then painted two triangles for the eyes and one triangle for the nose. Following that, I painted a mouth, with a tooth, using the small brush (3 coats). Next, I painted two black circles on the white board for eyes and then a black circle for the mouth using the small brush (2 coats). Then, I freehanded the word ‘BOO’ with yellow paint on the black board (5 coats). For the last plank, I painted a zig-zag line about an inch down from the top of the green board with black paint and then filled it in for the hair. Next, I painted two black circles for the eyes, a line for the nose, and another zig-zag line for the mouth. Finally, I added a few stitches to really give it the “Frankenstein” look. Once the ‘BOO’ plank was dried, I sprayed one coat of the glitter spray over the top to finish it off.