Halloween Planks















Yellow paint

Black paint

Green paint

White paint

Orange paint

Sand Paper

Glitter spray

Medium paint brush

Small paint brush

4 planks of wood

These really add a little something to your front porch and are easy to make. I went to Home Depot and found the cheapest wood that was thinner than an inch and had it cut up into three 1 ft long boards and one 10 inch board (most home improvement stores provide wood cutting services free of charge). The cut ends were a bit splintered by the saw, so I picked up some sand paper as well. First, I sanded all of the planks down to my liking, and then painted a white, green, orange, and black coat for each plank with the medium paint brush. I did three coats each (make sure they dry between each coat). I then painted two triangles for the eyes and one triangle for the nose. Following that, I painted a mouth, with a tooth, using the small brush (3 coats). Next, I painted two black circles on the white board for eyes and then a black circle for the mouth using the small brush (2 coats). Then, I freehanded the word ‘BOO’ with yellow paint on the black board (5 coats). For the last plank, I painted a zig-zag line about an inch down from the top of the green board with black paint and then filled it in for the hair. Next, I painted two black circles for the eyes, a line for the nose, and another zig-zag line for the mouth. Finally, I added a few stitches to really give it the “Frankenstein” look. Once the ‘BOO’ plank was dried, I sprayed one coat of the glitter spray over the top to finish it off.

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