My Favorite Target Finds: Holiday Edition 2018

One of my ALL TIME FAVORITE places ever….TARGET!!!! I literally go there for just about everything and then some. I like to blame my mother for introducing me to Target runs at a young age…I stood no chance haha. It’s the first of December and Target has some of the cutest holiday decor this year, so I rounded up some of my favorites and styled a little shoot with @emilyybaranski! We seriously had a blast putting this setup together / shooting it. Stay tuned for more pictures….and trust me we took a lot LOL. 

A few extra because I literally can not go to Target or without seeing stuff I had no idea I NEDED haha. Seriously though, Target still has a ton of amazing sales going on, and if you have a red card that’s another 5% (just get it already!!!) I literally said no for so many years and for this girl that’s prob like thousands of savings I missed out on!!

If you see something in my picture that is not linked above it’s most likely from the 99cent store haha! Feel free to email me if you need a link or have any questions!