Getting Fit with The P.Ball



Summer is just around the corner and body confidence comes hand in hand with wearing less clothes for several months, and bikinis by the pool / beach.  My thighs and bum have always been my number one insecurity on my body. If I gain any weight it will go straight there, and when I was pregnant it is where I gained most of my weight (besides in my belly obviously haha.) When I heard that the P.Ball from P.volve lifts your butt, tones your thighs, and defines your lower abs, I knew I had to get my hands on it!




The P.ball is super portable and light, which is essential for a mom on the go like me. Placing it in the proper position for exercise is very simple and there are a ton of instructional videos and pictures here on their website. This ball is not your average exercise ball. It is unlike anything else on the market. Its elastic band holds the ball up high between the thighs to activate hard-to-reach muscles in your core, gluten, and thighs, for amazing tone and definition. I promise you will feel the burn after just one workout!



My favorite part is that your can stream workouts created exclusively for the P.Ball anytime, anywhere. You have access to DOZENS of workouts that use the P.ball to tone and define your entire body, from arms to abs, and of course, your butt! With new workouts added weekly, you will never get bored with the same selection. Find a work out you absolutely love? You can archive it in your workout library! How cool is that?! Your P.volve membership even includes a personalized feature to track your data and evolution of your workouts, a workout calendar to keep you on track, and motivating workout reminders. So awesome!


The P.ball really does it ALL and comes with everything you need to get started, including a pump to inflate the ball and add air over time. I’ve never seen a more versatile and portable piece of workout equipment in my life. I highly recommend giving the P.ball a try and see your body transform, just in time for summer!

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