The Best Maternity Pants

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PANTS: Sold out / Similar (on sale) / Similar (on sale)

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Happy Monday everyone! Today I’m talking about these amazing maternity pants my sister-in-law gave me! They are from Old Navy and are seriously the most comfy pants I have ever worn. They hug me perfectly in all the right places and don’t make my bump feel suffocated. Old Navy doesn’t have these exact pants anymore but I linked two VERY similar pairs that are also from Old Navy (and on sale)!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. We went on a fun hike with our pups on Saturday and then laid out by the pool. We hardly have time to go to the pool, but when we do it is so relaxing. The pool at our apartments is SUPER luxurious. I hate to admit we have only been twice lol. Sunday we went to the Japanese Tea Garden and it was seriously breath taking!!! The pictures will be up this week! 🙂

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