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24 weeks yellow crop






SKIRT: Sold out / Similar

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CLUTCH: Sold out / Similar

Hi loves! How cute is this crop top from Target?! It also comes in pink and both have matching pom shorts. I’ve seriously been eyeing them for about a month now thinking, “OMG if I wasn’t pregnant I would get that crop set in both colors!” When I was at Target the other day I saw they still had them, and I randomly decided, hey so what if I’m pregnant? I’m proud of my bump and want to show it off! This partly happened because my sister-in-law has been tagging me on Instagram of cute pregnant chicks wearing crop tops and showing off their bumps. I don’t know why I had it set in my mind that it wasn’t okay to show off your bump in public but those thoughts are long gone now!

I got this maxi skirt a few years back at T.J. Max but I linked a VERY similar skirt above. I actually bought this skirt and a couple others in a size large by accident and just tied a knot to the side when I wasn’t preggo, but now they all fit perfectly! Best accident ever lol. Saves me from having to buy a ton of maternity clothes. I got the clutch a few years back from Francescas and just tied the tassels from my Target beach bag to it!

Thanks for stopping by! ❤


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