The Perfect Holiday Activity with Tailored Twig

Have you ever taken a luxury floral design class? Tailored Twig has curated the PERFECT one-of-a-kind experience that brings high-end floral design classes directly to your doorstep every month. With three options to choose from, there are countless ways to join in the fun. 

Tailored Twig is not your average florist! They blend layers of floral textures with foraged architectural elements to create a style that speaks to all of these senses. This florist combines age-old design principles and a modern, dynamic approach to floral artistry, and the results speak for themselves!! I absolutely loved how informative and fun the class was from beginning to end.

Darin Bahl teaches the class and is such a pleasure to learn from! He is more than a wedding florist; he is the visionary behind the Tailored Twig brand. Sought after by clients and respected by fellow designers for his fresh approach to floral design, Darin can often be found foraging for natural materials to create the hand-crafted look for which he has become well-known.

Nowhere in the market will you be able to find a virtual design floral class like this one. I was blown away by the quality of the flowers, the packaging, and that they send you EVERYTHING you need to create a luxury floral arrangement. From conceptualization, to prepping the vessel, to placement of each stem, you will learn Darin’s unique method and Tailored Twig’s approach to varied styles and professional techniques. Plus, you will have a beautiful arrangement to display or gift to a loved one!

All at home designers will receive their all-inclusive design kit the day before the scheduled live virtual workshop. Each Floral Design Kit is thoughtfully curated and carefully delivered with you in mind. Your Design Kit includes a recipe of freshly cut stems and composition necessities to accomplish the styled arrangement.

When I received my design kit I was truly blown away by the quality, and beyond excited to get to work on my floral piece! I really loved the pace that the class was taught, and how the techniques were explained/shown on camera. I had never designed a floral piece before, and I was really getting into it! I felt like a real floral designer, and I was truly impressed by my masterpiece!

The Virtual Design Studio has options for everyone! Each class streams live via a member portal. and is accessible by clicking the unique link sent to your email. If you are unable to attend the live experience, no worries! Each class is recorded and is immediately available for you to watch at your leisure.

I absolutely adored this experience and now have a real lasting beautiful floral piece to show off to everyone! Tailored Twig’s Floral Design kit would make as the most perfect and unique gift!! Use code SHELBY25 for a discount at check out!

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