Smiling To The Fullest

A person’s smile is the most important thing they will ever wear. I truly do feel that way, and I’m pretty sure I’ve felt this way since I was in 5th grade. I had TERRIBLE teeth when I was was younger with a gap so big you could stick a finger through it (I may be exaggerating a tad haha.) I went to the orthodontist when I began 5th grade, forcing my mom to let me get cosmetic braces that I was not even technically ready for. I was so insecure about my smile and I was ready to fix it. Many, many years later my teeth were perfectly straight and I had a smile I was proud to show off.

Well fast forward 10+ years and I boy did I get use out of my new smile! I swear that is the only face I’m good at hahaha. I never realized until recently what all of that smiling really does to your face, especially to your skin. Towards the end of college I starting noticing I had worse crows feet (the wrinkles around your eyes when you smile) than all of my friends! I’m not even kidding you!! I was always comparing our eyes in our selfies and hating the way my face looked when I smiled.

Moving to California made those insecurities grow larger… A lot larger haha. Everyone here has perfect skin, no wrinkles, and looks like they are 25 years old! It’s crazy!! After finding out that quite a few friends of mine actually had botox and had been getting Botox, I was curious. I attended a skin care event at Jeffrey Klein MD a little over a week ago and it was seriously so informative! We literally learned about everything and anything skin care, body care, lip injections, you name it!

I received Botox around my eyes and between my eye brows. Botox® Cosmetic is a purified protein that is administered non surgically. They inject the Botox directly into each muscle that cause those pesky lines. When the muscle is not in use the collagen in your wrinkles has the time to rebuild and erase the line for good! So the sooner you start to rebuild that collagen, the less you will need Botox in the future. The concept truly make sense to me now and Botox doesn’t seem like this scary face needle anymore.

If you’re worried about the pain; DON’T BE!! Seriously y’all! I am the biggest baby ever when it comes to pain, but I honestly barley felt even a prick. The injections are so tiny and quick! I seriously can not rave enough about Botox!! If you’re on the fence about it, get it and see how you feel about it. The affects will wear off in 3-6 months depending on your metabolism.

If you do decide to make the decision, I highly recommend going to Jeffrey Klein MD. These ladies are absolutely amazing and they make your entire experience is comfortable and FUN! Each staff member is truly the sweetest and super informative on the procedure. Most of the staff will even show you the work they have had done!

Call 949-248-1632 to make an appointment and make sure you tell them I sent you so you can receive a special discount on your first procedure! If you have any other questions at all please do not hesitate to ask!

PS. I will talk about the lip filler in the next post. ❤

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