A Timeless Classic





I feel like this dress from Dainty Jewell’s tells a story from before my time! Back when womens fashion was less about how revealing it can be and more about attention to details and embellishments, such as adding ruffles, bows, and lace! Dainty Jewell’s does just that!



Dainty Jewell’s got their start when Charity began to upcycling tops, skirts, and dresses by adding embellishments! These details on the garments were the start of a signature line hat continues to present in all off Dainty Jewell’s original designs. All of their designs are beautifully modest and fit women across the world in all shapes and sizes. Dainty Jewell’s has grown into a full ministry for women across the world who strive to present themselves as intentional ladies.




The dress I’m wearing is called, A Thousand Wishes Dress and is SO amazing!!!! The custom high-quality black and white lace pairs perfectly with the gorgeous double-ruffle hi-lo hem! The sleeves are embellished with dainty ruffles. It is seriously PERFECTION. Also, today only, they are having an overstock sale on the Madame Lovely dress and it is 50% off!



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