The Perfect Support; Upbra




It has been a long time since I have tried out a new brand of bras. Being a small-chested woman, it can be hard to find that perfect fit and lift! I kinda just gave up and settled with the fact that no bra will every fit me perfectly, much less give me any cleavage.

When Upbra sent me their Perfect T-Shirt Bra, I was soooo excited to put it on and try a feature I have never seen on a bra before, The Cleavage Control Straps. These do exactly what the name entails; control your cleavage! They are located in the middle of the bra and simply pull both of the straps and your breasts move upwards and towards the center of your body. You will have cleavage like you’ve never had before!!

The best part about this miracle-working Upbra is that it is actually super comfy too!! Most bras give you one or the other, amazing comfort or amazing support. The inside of the cups have grippy hearts that hold your cleavage up and in place and also gives you that extra lift! A two-in-one added bonus! Upbra truly has it all. If you have any questions about what size I went with or how to use The Cleavage Control Straps, don’t hesitate to email me! ❤

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