Turnip Rose Café



^^ Tuna Laguna with the Grilled Iceberg Cobb salad. SO GOOD!!!


^^Zucchini bread and broccoli cheddar soup!



^^How yummy does that sangria look!?







TOP: Target

SKIRT: Forever 21

SHOES: Macys

HAT: Old Navy

I am SO excited to share my favorite café in Costa Mesa with y’all!!! I have been walking to this place since we moved out here. It is SO close to our house and it is what originally got me to go. After the first time I went, I was seriously there at least once a week haha. When my mom came to stay with us during the last three weeks of my pregnancy, we must have walked to Turnip Rose Cafe everyday!!

The atmosphere is to die for!! Talk about the perfect spot to get those “Instagram worthy” shots!! The inside and the outside are both adorable. The courtyard is so dreamy and even has a cute little fountain that Jack is obsessed with. The best part about this café though is their AMAZING food and drinks! My favorite thing that I order way too often is the California Panini. It is so tasty and SO fresh. My all-time favorite.

During this visit to Turnip Rose we decided to switch it up. We started off with a mimosa and sangria! I love that this café serves alcohol lol. Every now and then mom and dad need a little pick-me-up haha. Both drinks were SO tasty!!! Next, we had the broccoli cheddar soup with their legendary zucchini bread. I know that may sound weird, but it is seriously SO tasty. Jack was eating it up so fast and little did he know it was filled with veggies!

For our main courses I got the Cantina Shrimp Salad and Tyler got the Tuna Laguna! Both were seriously amazing!! I kept stealing bites of Ty’s sandwich and Jackson kept stealing my fruit. The favorite part of my salad was the delicious shrimp and the unique salad dressing. It’s so tasty that I wish I could buy a bottle for myself. One of the things that I really love about this café is the generous portions they give! Some days Tyler and I just split an entree.

To top it all off, Turnip Rose also has an ice-cream bar in house!! SO cool!! I’ve never seen a café with one before. This place literally has it all!!! I HIGHLY recommend you stop in and check it out for yourself. Let me know if you do and what you get to eat!! Some of the staff favorites are the Meatloaf, Super Burrito, and the Flyin’ Hawaiian! So if you’re having a tough time picking something, you can’t go wrong with one of those options.

Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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