JACK’S HAT: George Hats

MY SWIMSUIT: In store at Forever 21

This beach set from Beachmate is the REAL deal! Seriously one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a while! I’m in love the huge sturdy shovels. I could have actually dug a hole to China with these babies when I was a kid haha. I also love the tote bag. It has numerous storage pockets and is bottomless so you can leave all that sand at the beach where it belongs! The pockets are seriously genius!! I love that we no longer lose keys and phones at the bottom of our old beach bag. It also come with a cooler that is large enough for a days worth of drinks and snacks. Everything stacks together and fits perfectly, so you can carry it all in one hand. Beachmate is a must for your family!!

Thanks for stopping by and happy Saturday!

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