The Best Night Ever

Jacks 1st concert.jpg

jacks 1st concert2.jpg

MY TOP: Zaful *Comes as a set. Size UP*


J TANK: Sold out / Similar / Similar / Similar

J SHORTS: Target

J SHOES: Robeez

So last night was literally the BEST NIGHT EVER!!! We got to see Dashboard Confessional and The All American Rejects!!!! Okay so a little background real quick. Growing up music was always my go to! I was obsessed with finding new bands, going to see them live, and crowd surfing as many times as humanly possible. It was all mainly rock/alternative/screamo.

I spent most of my money I made from work on 4 things: Vans shoes, band apparel, Warped Tour, and Buzz Fest! I have gone to those two concerts more times than I can count haha. As I got older and busier I started going to less and less concerts and just overall keeping up with my favorite bands went out of the window.

When Ty surprised me with these tickets for my birthday in May, you could say I was a tad excited lol. Songs from these two bands m were played thousands of times when I was a preteen. My best friends and I used to scream the lyrics from the tops of our lungs on pretty much any given day. Both bands have SO many memories tied to them so last night was just too amazing for words!! Hands Down will forever be my favorite song by Dashboard for so many reasons and they performed it so well live!

I’m obsessed with how cute Jack looked in his tank from Little Gypsy Finery and his shoes from Robeez just tied his little rocker outfit together perfectly!! I can’t find the exact tank on their website anymore, but I linked a bunch of other really cute ones above, a few of which Jackson owns too hah. Jack loves his new Robeez shoes because they have the softest soles ever!! The coolest part about these shoes are that they mimic bare feet. By flexing and bending with every step,  these shoes do not constrict your baby’s growing feet!

Happy Friday and thanks for stopping by! ❤

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