JOHNSON’S Bedtime Routine

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MOSTIURE WASH: Johnson’s BEDTIME moisture wash

BABY BATH SOAP: Johnson’s BEDTIME baby bath

BABY LOTION: Johnson’s BEDTIME baby lotion

I partnered with JOHNSON’S on this post!

When something is clinically proven to help your baby sleep at night, you ask no questions and follow routine! Am I right Mommas haha?! Well that is exactly what JOHNSON’S 3 Step BEDTIME routine is clinically proven to do!! Since it’s National Sleep Awareness Week, I thought now was the perfect time to share our routine with you guys!

We started Jackson on this new routine and followed these 3 simple steps, and noticed a difference in how quickly he fell asleep and stayed asleep.

STEP 1: Warm bath with JOHNSON’S BEDTIME baby moisture wash. This helps Jack know it’s time to sleep. This wash is tear free to ensure gentleness for Jack’s delicate eyes.

STEP 2: I massage Jack with JOHNSON’S BEDTIME baby lotion. He loves being rubbed and this lotion smells SO good. The gentle and calming aromas are designed to help soothe baby before bed!

STEP 3: I always read Jack a book before bed and sing some of his favorite songs! At this point, he is so sleepy and the sun has finally set and it’s bottle time!

* This seriously works every time!*

Feel free to email if you have any questions about our routine!!

Thanks for stopping by!! ❤



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