Milk & Eggs




So, I have just found the best thing ever!! This is especially true if you’re like me and hate going to the grocery store! Milk & Eggs is a grocery delivery service in Los Angeles and Orange County with FREE delivery! And guess what?! Their prices are actually cheaper than the grocery store – even Whole Foods! My favorite thing is that all of their groceries are fresh from the farm! You can even set up a subscription online!! Seriously, how awesome is that?! We woke up Saturday morning to all of our groceries patiently waiting for us on our door step! I can not tell you how big of a relief that is for us!! Going to the grocery store is always such a hassle with Jack. On top of that, we ALWAYS manage to forget something haha.

If you loved everything you just read, you’re in luck!! I have teamed up with Milk & Eggs to give away a $100 credit to shop with on their site!! Trust me, it will go a long way!! All you have to do is sign up here and the winner will be announced on 4/5/17 via email! The giveaway closes 4/4/17 at midnight! I can’t wait for y’all to try out this amazing service!

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