Happy Quarter-Century!

quarter century2


quarter century3

quarter century

quarter century4




CAKE: Two Birds Baking Company

SKIRT: Forever 21

CHOKER: S&S Chokers

How amazing did Tyler’s birthday cake from Two Birds Baking Company turn out?! When I realized I wanted to throw a quarter-century party for Tyler, the first thing that came to mind was that I had to have a cake from this bakery!! I told Lesli my ideas for the party and this is what she came up with! Want to know the best part?! This cake is 100% vegan!! I am being 1000000% real when I say her vegan desserts taste better than regular desserts!! My sister-in-law is the one that got me hooked on this bakery. She always orders the cupcakes and the first time that I had one I seriously died and went to sugar heaven! When I found out that they were vegan, I knew it was fate! At the time, I was steering clear of dairy because Jackson had bad gas the first couple of months, so I gave up dairy and it helped!

Moral of the story… If you need a tasty dessert, email Lesli at twobirdsbakingco@gmail.com! They also set up a tent every Tuesday at the Huntington Beach Farmer’s Market on Main St.!

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