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TANK: Electro Threads


If you live in San Antonio, and haven’t been to Eisenhower Park, you are seriously missing out! This park is amazing and is my favorite hike in San Antonio. It has a great mixture of rocky canyons and wooded creek paths. One section of the outer rocky loop has a very extreme incline and decline that makes for a great work out. The entire outer loop actually makes for a fantastic work out. I like to combine running & lunges throughout the about 2.75 mile loop. This is a great park to bring your pets, our dogs absolutely love it. Hiking is our favorite thing to do as a family and it truly brings out the best behavior in our dogs.

There is also a wooden lookout deck that gives you an awesome elevated view of San Antonio, including the downtown area. The hill that leads you up to the post is pretty steep, so I like doing lunges on the way for a little extra workout! The tank top I’m wearing is from one of my favorite companys called Electro Threads and I absolutely love it. All of their designs are colorfully unique and spread a positive message. Finding balance is something I’m trying to do daily in my life & I love wearing this tank as a reminder! ❤

My all time favorite boutique, Dottie Couture, added some seriously cute arrivals last night that I must share with y’all! ❤ Thanks for stopping by & Happy Hump Day!


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