Positive Vibrations 




















TANK TOP: Electro Threads

PANTS: T.J. Maxx

 McAllister Park has become one of our favorite places to take the girls. This park is seriously HUGE!! There is a large open field right by the main trailhead that’s perfect for all kinds of sports and picnics. To the left of the field is a paved path that we use when we go on skates or if it is too wet to take the non-paved paths. To the right of the field there is a non-paved path that we usually take around the park. Our dogs love it here! They have a really awesome dog park with all kinds of obstacles. This park also has all kinds of work out equipment grouped together by the Turkey Roost Trailhead. We have seen groups working out with music playing and is definitely something I want to try! If you live in San Antonio and haven’t been to this park, I highly recommend stopping by! 🙂

The tank top I’m  wearing is from Electro Threads and is seriously comfy and obviously flat out amazing! Their designs are one of a kind and all about spreading good vibes (which I’m ALL about). I’ve always kind of had a love for unique really detailed tank tops, so when I found this site I went nuts! I got the workout pants that I’m wearing from T.J. Maxx a while back, but here is a link of their current stock. If you’re looking to save a ton of money on really cute and great quality work out gear, T.J. Maxx is the place! You will spend 50% less than you would going to any sports store for the same quality and almost the same look!

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