Pumpkin Cupcakes









Cake Mix (any flavor, I used chocolate)

Orange Icing

Black Icing


Cupcake Pan

These cupcakes are perfect for Halloween and take minimal effort! Chocolate is basically another food group for me, so I chose to do chocolate cupcakes. I sent Tyler out to get this while I was at work and he picked a brand I’ve never had before, but they turned out amazing! I followed the directions on the box for the mix, then poured the mix in a cupcake pan. Once they are done baking, make sure you let them cool for 15-30 mins or the icing will melt. I first iced all the cupcakes with orange icing, and then outlined two triangles for the eyes, one for the nose, and then a mouth outline with a tooth. You can leave it like that or fill them in like a did (I left one unfilled pictured above). Finally, I cut a few pecans in half for the pumpkin stems and placed them at the top. These turned out so good! I ended up having a few too many the night I made them. ENJOY 🙂

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