Date Night Outfit












DRESS: Dottie Couture / Similar / Similar / Similar

SHOES: Charlotte Russe

JEWLERY: Rocksbox

HEADBAND: Dottie Couture

Happy Monday Sunshiners! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. I spent most of my weekend trying to get all of my content off of my crashed MacBook Pro. It set me back a tad, but we finally figured it out and that’s all that matters! I am so excited that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. I have always been a sucker for love and plus who doesn’t love having an excuse to put on your favorite dress and have a ridiculously nice meal?! The dress I’m wearing was purchased from Dottie Couture but their site is currently down right now for inventory. They may still have this dress, and if they do I will be sure to link it when the site is back up. I linked a few similar dresses that are just as cute. I love the style of this dress because it flares out and is low cut (even works for us smaller breasted girls)! I tend to not hold back on the V-Day desserts so a dress that isn’t skin tight makes me feel a little more comfortable. The shoes are AMAZING and less than $40 and also 30% off right now! These heels will had a pop to any little black dress and won’t kill your feet by the end of the night.

All of the jewelry I’m wearing, except for my watch, is from Rocksbox, which is the most amazing thing for new jewelry EVER. You pay $19 a month for 3 pieces of designer jewelry. You can wear the pieces as long, or as short as you want, and return for a brand new box with 3 new pieces in it. You also have a wish list to let your stylist know exactly which pieces you want in your box. Also, you have the option to buy any piece in your box at a discounted price. The picture below is what I received in my first box and I absolutely loved every piece. I kept the bracelet because I just couldn’t help it haha. I have a little V-Day treat for y’all! You can try out Rocksbox for 1 month completely FREE (no contract) with the code ‘sunshinedaydreamblogxoxo’. You will be given the option to sign up after your free month. This concept is seriously so amazing and will save you tons of money!

Stay tuned this week for Valentine’s Day date night, dinner, dessert, and outfit ideas! ❤