Curling My Hair with Bombay

When it comes to applying heat to your hair, you want to make sure that you don’t leave your hair damaged. I have been curling my hair for the last 8 years and I can notice a difference when I use someone else’s iron that has no protection with too high of a base temperature. That is why I love Bombay’s 25mm Gold Curling Wand without the clamp! The 100% pure titanium barrel in GOLD paired with negative ion technology allows for frizz free long-lasting curls with an unbeatable shine. I love the way my curls turn out and that they actually last regardless of the weather!

This Bombay curling iron radiates infrared heat which is a healthier way to heat your hair! I’m overall really impressed by the quality of this curling iron for the price and the one year limited warranty! Use code “SHELBY30” for 30% off ALL Bombay hair styling tools and FREE shipping to save even more!

My secret tip to getting the perfect curls around your face is to pull the front part of your hair from both sides directly up and roll the hair back towards your scalp. Hold for about 10 seconds, release, and let the curls fall around your face. I promise I will do a video tutorial once my YouTube channel is live! ❤

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Evolution of Smooth










SUNGLASSES: Sold out / Similar

Now that we live so close to beach, we try to make it out at least once a week! Usually, Sunday is the only day we have some free time (things have been kinda crazy lately to say the least.) Having lived in Texas for the past 24 years, my lips were not at all that used to being exposed to the beach so often. Let’s just say they got burnt and super dried out a couple of times before I realized I needed to be protecting them! I now make sure I bring my EOS lip balm every trip. I loving using this product at the beach because it is lightweight, easy to use, and my hair doesn’t stick to it from all of the crazy beach wind! My current favorite is the blackberry nectar; it smells so good! This product is also SUPER affordable and will last you forever (I’ve never finished one completely without losing it haha.)

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My Skin Care Routine









PRODUCTFacial Wash / Night Cream / Stretch Mark Relief Oil / Stretch Mark Relief Cream

TOP: Dottie Couture (sold out) / In white


Taking care of my skin has always been one of my top priorities. Since I can remember, I have been washing and moisturizing my face daily! I have tried everything from Proactive to store bought brands, and haven’t found anything I’ve truly been in love with until now. I recently discovered a skin care line called Mumsie Natural Skin Care and I’m in love for many reasons! First and foremost, I love that this line is all natural and organic! At our home we try to eat/use all organic products (as much as we can afford right now lol.) Especially because I’m pregnant, I want to keep everything as natural as possible. The products are even made in a 100% solar powered facility (how awesome is that?!) You can feel the difference after one wash with the facial cleanser; it’s that amazing! I even caught Tyler using it, and now he continues to use it because he loves how amazing his face feels afterwards. I highly recommend these products even if you aren’t expecting (or a female for that matter!)

I’m  also in love with their moisturizers, especially the lifting and firming night cream (which I also put on Tyler every night.) I’ve only been using it for a couple of weeks and have already noticed a huge difference in my skin! I love the way it smells and how it instantly makes my face feel so smooth, but not oily; by far my favorite moisturizer! One of my biggest insecurities right now is the dark spots I have gotten on my upper lip. My doctor said that they are from the pregnancy hormones and will fade after the baby comes, but they seriously make me look like I have a mustache!!! After using the daily and nightly moisturizers, I’ve definitely noticed them less! They are still there, but a lot lighter.

For my belly, I use both the oil and the cream in the morning and in the evening (oil first then the cream.) They are both AMAZING! A little goes a long way on these products and I love how they aren’t super thick and heavy. These both smell and feel so great! I burned my shoulders the other day at the beach (I forgot to put on sunscreen, silly preggo brain) and used both the oil and cream on them and felt instant relief.  I personally think the ingredients say it all!

Stretch mark relief oil ingredients: avocado oil, macadamia nut oil, coconut oil, and sunflower oil.

Stretch mark relief cream ingredients: darutoside (a natural grade organic complex that has been used for centuries in China for its healing effects in the repair of wounds), avocado oil, shea butter, and honeysuckle flower extract.

Sounds amazing right?!

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