Tequila Sunrise





















Yesterday we went on one of our many family hikes at Comanche Lookout Park. I lived in San Antonio for 4 years during college and never even knew of this park until I moved back. Not only is this park a beauty, but it has history! This park has the 4th highest point in Bexar County, which was used by Native Americans for warfare and hunting. One of the lookout posts still remains and is an awesome sight to see.

This park has both paved and non-paved trails, and a good number of benches to sit and enjoy the views. This park is dog friendly, which is a must for us! One of the reasons I hate going to the gym, is the fact that I have to leave our dogs (children) at home. I almost always turn my hikes into a more intense workout, so I can be with the dogs :). Working out with your dogs outside not only makes it more fun, but it makes it feel like less of a work out. Our normal route is to take the non paved path to the right of the main entrance. It is elevated and takes you right up to a pretty cool view with a bench if you need a rest.

A bit farther past the bench is a paved path, off to the right, where I do 50 lunges. I can definitely already feel the burn at this point! As you continue past the lookout post, there are some straight-a-ways that are good for sprinting and racing the pups. Layla is almost 9 months old, so she is a big ball of energy right now. Any chance she gets to run and chase us, she takes it and absolutely loves it. I usually try to do at least 5 20-second sprints each hike.

The highest point at this park has some benches to sit and relax and enjoy the spectacular views. I do 50 more lunges on the route back to the car. If you’re looking for more of a challenge, do your lunges on the non paved paths! Comment your favorite spots to hike in San Antonio! Thanks for reading! 🙂


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